Certificate of Conformity

Certificates of Conformity are based on European insulating standards  EN 13162 through EN 13171 and document the conformity of the products with the relevant European standard.

Although in some cases the manufacturer declaration can be sufficiant, the majority of European insulating manufacturers have decided to apply for voluntary certification (according to EN 13172 Annex A). Manufacturers who have received a Certificate of Conformity from GSH are entitled to use the RAL-quality mark.

With the Certificate of Conformity the manufacturer documents that his product fulfills all requirements of the standard and that external monitoring is carried out. Therewith he shows the planner, processors, distributor and constructors a high degree of quality awareness. Because the European insulating standard has no application-specific requirements, the planner needs to compare the characteristic profile of the Certificate of Conformity with the national application rules.

There is a overview for Germany available. GSH issues Certificates of Conformity in nearly all European languages.

Example of a Certificate of Conformity