Partnership - Competence - Reliability

We are

  • accredited by DAkkS (German Accreditation Body), accreditation as  certification body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065. The accreditation is only valid in the field listed in the DAkkS document D-ZE-18468-01-00. It does not cover the following approvals and the RAL quality assurance.
  • officially recognized through DIBt (German Institut for construction technology) as German Inspection and Certification Body for insulating products (ÜG 049) with the approvals Z-23.11 and Z-33.4.
  • notified through European Commission as European Inspection and Certification Body (nr. 0919) for insulating products according to:
    • EN 13163:2012+A1:2015
    • EN 13164:2012+A1:2015
    • EN 13165:2012+A2:2016
    • EN 13166:2012+A2:2016
    • EN 14304:2009+A1:2013 
    • EN 14307:2009+A1:2013
    • EN 14308:2009+A1:2013
    • EN 14309:2009+A1:2013
    • EN 14313:2009+A1:2013
    • EN 14314:2009+A1:2013
    • EN 14315-1:2013
    • EN 14318-1:2013
    • EN 14319-1:2013
    • EN 14320-1:2013
    • EN 14933:2007
    • EN 14934:2007
    • EN 16069:2012+A1:2015

We certify insulating products made of 

  • BEPS - Bound EPS
  • EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
  • FEF/PEF - Flexible Elastomeric Foam and Polyethylene Foam
  • PUR - Polyurethane Foam Boards
  • PUR - Polyurethane poured in-situ Foam
  • PUR - Polyurethane sprayed in-situ Foam
  • VIP - Vacuum Insulation Panels
  • XPS - Extruded Polystyrene

Our members within GSH have committed themselves to ensure continously high standard of quality assurance and surveillance for their products in order to offer high quality and verifiable quality for their rigid foam insulating products.

For decades the RAL Quality Mark is proof of the high quality standard and documents this whereby it clearly exceeds the legal requirements.

Around 90 GSH members use the well-known European GSH-quality marks.