Bound EPS - BEPS

Use of BEPS (Bound EPS)

Insulating products made out of BEPS are used in the field of building construction. More detailed data can be received direct from the manufacturer.

Since January 2018, the RAL quality mark "Thermal Insulating Products made of Bound EPS (BEPS)" is registered and can be awarded for products which conform with the quality and testing regulations.


BEPS products have to be identified through labeling. 


Insulating products made from BEPS are specified in following standards and approvals:

Germany :

Building approval Z-23.11...from DIBt, or Z-23.21 if usage of BEPS as footfall sound insulation

Austria :

ÖN 6550 part 1 and 2.

Safety Data Sheet

a safety data sheet for BEPS is curently in progress.